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Description and Objectives:
The main objectives of the Iqraa School are based on the most recent educational theories. Traditionally, teaching languages have been focused on conventional expectations, such as plain memorization only. Recent studies on cognitive learning highlighted the importance of blending six levels of learning objectives, all of which are employed by Iqraa School. These levels include;


  1. Knowledge (i.e. recalling the previously learned materials, such as facts, terms, basic concepts
    and answers)

  2. Comprehension (i.e. understanding the facts and ideas, such as organizing, comparing, translating, interpreting the main ideas.

  3. Application (i.e. using new knowledge, such as solving problems in new situations by applying the main ideas)

  4. Analysis (i.e. examining the information, such as identifying motives or causes, and analysing relationships)

  5. Synthesis (i.e. compiling the information together in a different way, such as producing a plan, a letter, etc…)

  6. Evaluation (i.e. presenting and defend opinions by making judgments about information)


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